Canada is coming to a reflective close…

Canada is coming to a reflective close for us…
Last night we played our last gig in Prince George. A beautiful house concert.

Today we make the journey back to Vancouver. Tomorrow, Luke and I fly.

I am writing up the tour Journals for the blog. This past week may make one of the most epic entries in the history of all my Tour Journals. There will be stories and pictures. But for now, some still-ponds in image form for you.

Thank you Northern BC. It has been very special.

Last night in Cowpuccino’s…

Last night in Cowpuccino’s, Prince Rupert, was a very beautiful gig. Followed by sleep by a river which, this morning, we discovered to be tidal – were stranded for a few hours and are now back on the road. Got some house concerts upcoming. Next public concert will be The Art Gallery in Smithers on the 22nd. Here’s a podcast from our time in Smithers’ train carriage radio:

Calgary came spinning…

Calgary came spinning our jet-swelled ankles, late yesterday. We’ve had a heavy good sleep in a little motel. Luke can’t get over how sweet Canadians are. It’s overwhelming him.

Tonight I shall be supporting Jenn Grant at Calgary Festival hall. I can’t wait to hear her and her band.
And so looking forward to finally singing.

Thank you Universe for making this trip across the atlantic a little more smooth (and actually existent) than the last.

Flew across the Atlantic…

Flew across the Atlantic. Rode a train, by accident, all the way to Brighton Beach – the end of the line – and enjoyed it thoroughly. Luke (my dear brother who is joining as intern tour manager) had his first taco and enjoyed a little butter in his black coffee.

We have reached Toronto but, at the mercy of a stormy mother, our flight to Edmonton has been cancelled.

I will, sadly, not be supporting Jenn Grant tonight at Rec Rooms.

Enjoy it.

Calgary – we WILL see you tomorrow.

Upcomings… Austria, Northern Roots festival and Campfire Club.

Here, some future dates for you to make a note or to find a ticket.

Austria. I am so happy to say I will be returning to your beautiful landlocked shores in May for two shows…

26th May Vienna @ Porgy & Bess “In der Strengen Kammer” (small room upstairs)

27th May Oslip @ C’est la Mü Festival


Northern Roots Festival – Bogbain
23-24 June


London – on the 21st of July I shall be with you, thanks to the Nest Collective and their Campfire Club. Do come along. It is a rare thing to play London in the Summer, for me. I bet it’ll be beau.

21 July

Keep an eye on the live page for further upcomings…

6 years ago today the war in Syria began.

Thanks to a mail out from UNHCR I now know the war in Syria began, six years ago today. There is lots we can do to help bring some relief to those suffering the affects of the ongoing.

One way is by buying this lovely Album from Brain Fog records:

War is such a heavy word. I find it hard to feel it’s true weight in this comfortable and fortunate existence. Hopefully this small post brings a sliver of silver to the cloud that so many are under.

Mixing in Berlin…

The ears will be working hard over the next few weeks as I return to Berlin to work on the new album mixes with Axel Reinemer at Jazzanova Studio.

I’ve decided to release the new record early 2018. Patience.

The wonderful band: Max Andrzejewski – Drums, Paul Santner – Guitar, Declan Forde – Piano, James Banner – Double Bass

Photos are by Dovile Sermokas.