Live session: Old Lady’s Lament

This was a most remarkable session to take part in. An expedition into a very tall pine stillness.
When Luke (my bro) and I were in Canada, it was Andrew Spindor and his crew, from Habitat Studios in Vancouver, who lead us up and into Cypress Mountain to find this cabin.

And now?

The USA. Seattle has SOLD OUT. So you can’t hear me there anymore. But you could come to any others you are near to: See the list on my website if you feel compelled.

July is almost upon us…

July is almost upon us, a rumble of music in the distance, a summer storm of the best kind. In the immediate future, and with full band, a performance at the Paisley Arts Centre for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards Showcase on the 1st July. Then, on 3rd July, to ITALY for one show at CarroPonte in Milano. How exciting. There are more live date announcements to come… in fact quite a few… very much looking forward to sharing and seeing you soon. – RSHQ

For ticket details and upcoming dates follow the link here:

Thank you, Ireland.


A delight to sweep along your coasts. Such adventure.
Thank you to Graham Sweeney and Rhys McBride, our constant road companions.

To all who came to hear.

Our last show in Westport was a good way to finish, with a sporadic swooping of Adam Holmes to help close the night. Now we’re at Graham’s home on the Isle of Achill before returning to real life, tomorrow.

Photos: Mike Guest Photography

Canada is coming to a reflective close…

Canada is coming to a reflective close for us…
Last night we played our last gig in Prince George. A beautiful house concert.

Today we make the journey back to Vancouver. Tomorrow, Luke and I fly.

I am writing up the tour Journals for the blog. This past week may make one of the most epic entries in the history of all my Tour Journals. There will be stories and pictures. But for now, some still-ponds in image form for you.

Thank you Northern BC. It has been very special.

Last night in Cowpuccino’s…

Last night in Cowpuccino’s, Prince Rupert, was a very beautiful gig. Followed by sleep by a river which, this morning, we discovered to be tidal – were stranded for a few hours and are now back on the road. Got some house concerts upcoming. Next public concert will be The Art Gallery in Smithers on the 22nd. Here’s a podcast from our time in Smithers’ train carriage radio: